About me

I have been a secondary school teacher, trainer and a science researcher since 2001, and a trainer and researcher in entrepreneurship education since 2011.

I hold a degree in Physics and Chemistry Education from the Coimbra University (Portugal), a Master degree in Physics and Chemistry Education from the Aveiro University (Portugal), and I’m a Ph.D. student in Lisbon University (research in remote labs to apply in Chemistry).

My interest in the relationship between technology, teaching, and education was born at the beginning of my professional career, and I am a Microsoft Innovative Expert since 2015.

In 2011, I created a Learning Academy called “Centro de Estudos e Formação Educate” (www.educate.pt), in Benfica (Lisbon), Portugal.

Since 2011 I am a Researcher, Trainer, and Pedagogical Expert/Coordinator of PEEP (Portugal Entrepreneurship Education Platform – www.peep.pt) and have been working on several projects:

▪ 2016 → 2017: Researcher in Youth Work Project – The Danish Technological Institute in partnership with The Young Foundation, the 3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH and PEEP, submitted a proposal to the European Commission for a Study on Youth Work and Youth Entrepreneurship (Ref. N.º EACEA / 2015/08)

▪ 2015 → 2018: Pedagogical Expert/Coordinator and leader of the Trainers and responsible for pedagogical and technological part of YouhStart Project – Entrepreneurial Challenges Co-funded by the Erasmus + Program KeyAction 3 EACEA/10/2014 of The EU – see: www.youthstartproject.eu/

▪ October 2014 → March 2016: Pedagogical Expert (Pedagogical consultant) of JEVE Project – Youth Program for Green Entrepreneurship and Employability (EEA Grant Large Project) – Non formal education program in the field of entrepreneurial and green skills Sponsored by EEAGRANTS Cidadania Activa Programa – Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian – see: www.jeve.pt

▪ 2012 → 2013: Pedagogical Expert and Trainer (Coordinator Assistant and Trainer of a European Transfer of Innovation project dedicated to promoting teacher training in entrepreneurship in the 8 participating EU Member States) of ADEPTT – Acknowledging and Developing Entrepreneurial Practice in Teacher Training EU Sponsored Project 2011-1-ES1-LEO05-36404 – see: www.adeptt.eu

I wrote several articles in Physics, Chemistry, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Education and I also authored several book chapters in Science Educational Technology and Entrepreneurship Education fields.

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